My Work

is a combination of relaxation, deep tissue, sports massage

        and trigger point work, always tailored to the

               specific needs of the individual client. 

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation is the process of relieving muscular & emotional stress and tension.  A relaxation massage is a full body massage, which uses slow, gentle techniques with light to medium pressure. 

Combine this wonderfully soothing massage with a warm massage table, dim lights, and calming music, and the mind cannot help but wander off to a place of serenity.

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage first relaxes the muscles on the surface of the body, and then works deeper into the underlying tissue, relieving acute and chronic aches and pains.  Specific problems can be addressed in this type of massage (i.e. lower back pain, stiff neck, carpal tunnel, sciatica, etc.). 

In my opinion, deep tissue massage should never be painful.  Better results can be achieved when the client can relax into the applied pressure.  If too much pressure is used, the body will go into “defense mode,” tensing up even more!

Massage for Athletes

 Massage aids in recovery after a tough work out, flushing the muscle tissue with increased blood circulation. This brings oxygen & nutrients to each cell in your body, while taking away waste products and toxins, such as lactic acid. 

Massage helps with injury prevention & recovery, recharges your energy and keeps your muscles pliable, helping you to tap into your greatest power, endurance & optimal range of motion.

Massage is particularly beneficial for athletes or anyone who is active.